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Sturgeon Spearing Day 4, Pretty Quiet…


Good Morning Everyone, It looks to be pretty quiet at the registration station in Stockbridge this morning as well as out on the lake.               Only nine fish were speared yesterday with three of them being registered in Stockbridge. The big fish for the day was speared by Mandi Rahmer,… Read more »

Another opener in the books…


Another opening weekend come and gone… You can see by the numbers below that it was a pretty slow start to the season. Waverly has yet to register a single fish. With the poor visibility, sub-par ice conditions and now the  rain today, it’s likely a lot of spearers have pulled their shacks off of the… Read more »

Sturgeon Spearing Opener


The much anticipated opener of the 2013 Sturgeon Spearing Season has finally arrived! Below you will find a little “sturgeon spearing history” that I found to be interesting. Sturgeon Spearing is a deep-seated Wisconsin tradition that attracts thousands of spear fisherman, young and old, from near and far to Lake Winnebago and its upriver lakes… Read more »

Sturgeon Registration Camera



Less than 24 hours until the Sturgeon Spearing opener! The second camera at Harbor Bar is now streaming a live view of the registration station at Harbor Bar. Let’s hope for a good season! This is our first year attempting to stream the registration activity. We will we be adjusting the angle and zoom of… Read more »

Sturgeon Spearing


Good Morning Everyone, With the annual Sturgeon Spearing season less than a week away, the excitement is building as each day passes.  The 2013 Sturgeon Spearing Season will run from Saturday February 9th until Sunday February 24th or until the pre-set harvest caps are met. Sturgeon Spearers will begin cutting holes and setting shacks on Thursday, February 7th. A… Read more »

Harbor Bar – Time Lapse Imagery



Hello Everyone, We are excited to announce the addition of time lapse movies to Wisconsin Lake Weather. These images are captured over the course of the day and are displayed in the form of a short movie that is about 15 seconds long. You will find the link to “Yesterday’s Time Lapse” below the “Webcams”… Read more »

Lake Winnebago – Open Water Map


Below you will find an image provided by Sunk? Dive and Ice Service. It’s an overview of the open water areas on Lake Winnebago. With snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, it is likely to be extremely difficult to tell where the trouble spots are. As always, be extremely cautious when going on the ice!… Read more »

Lake Winnebago Moves East!


Photo by: John McArdle

There isn’t really a whole lot you can say, except “Wow!”. We recorded a wind gust of 54.1 mph last night from the weather station at Harbor Bar. The wind was averaging over 40 mph while the cold front was blowing in. The power of mother nature is incredible! Remember to stay safe on the… Read more »

Live from Harbor Bar!


The webcam has been live from Harbor Bar for a few weeks now. We ran into some hardware issues that set us back, as we needed to replace the camera. The camera has five preset positions. It pans to each position and stops for one minute, before moving on to the next position. This allows us to… Read more »

New User Interface Live from Harbor Bar and Grill!


Our new interface is now broadcasting weather data live from Harbor Bar and Grill! The new interface displays hazardous weather information, wind speed wind direction and much more! The new user interface also displays a snapshot of the camera. Live camera feed is coming soon! Check it out and leave some feedback! A big Thank You to… Read more »