Wolf River Fishing Report – 4.25.13 – John McArdle

Date Fished: 4.25.2013

Launch Location: Fremont

Wind Direction: Northwest

Wind Speed: 15-20

Sky Conditions: Partly Cloudy

Water Temperature: 40° - 50°

Report: Every year scores of people hit the Wolf River in Fremont for the famous walleye run but this year it seemed to take forever to happen. Snow and cold held water temps low and many reported that fish were near or in their spawning grounds waiting for old Ma Nature to turn up the heat! Yesterday was my turn to float my boat and see what the Wolf River had to offer.

I fished most of my day north of Fremont bouncing 3/8 ounce jigs down the river with scads of other boats.
At this time of year a person can anchor or drift jigs in the current. When drifting, the key is matching the size of your jig with the current. As you float down the river, the jig needs to be straight down or vertical in the water column. Too heavy of a jig leads to a snag and drag presentation which will be frustrating. Using a jig that is not heavy enough causes the jig to float higher in the water column and no bottom contact; exactly where the walleyes are NOT feeding.

The water conditions are near perfect right now as far as height and temperature. A walleyes magic number for spawning is somewhere between 40 -45 degrees and my thermometer read 47 when I left Fremont. With the warm weather in the forecast for this weekend, spawning will have come and gone and the ladies of spring will start their long swim back to Lake Winnebago. All the females I caught yesterday had dropped their eggs and were putting on the feed bag.

There is no doubt this will be a busy weekend on the river and remember that a no-wake rule remains in effect on the river. A slow-no-wake zone has been declared on the river downstream of New London and within 500 feet of any permanent building. The sheriff boat was out and enforcing the rules and doing random boat checks so be prepared to show life jackets and registrations.

What Worked Best: 3/8 oz jig with shiners.

What Didn't Work: n/a

John McArdle is a life-long resident of Fond du Lac. He is an outdoor writer/photographer, avid multi-species angler covering the great state of Wisconsin. Anything from trout fishing the Driftless Area to sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago, John will provide stories, tips and photos of his FINtastic adventures in Wisconsin!

John’s work can be seen on Wisconsin Outdoor Fun, Fon du Lac Outdoors and here on Wisconsin Lake Weather.

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